Thursday, April 23, 2009

And the countdown begins...

Yesterday was exactly 1 month until graduation. I hope I can hold out... and make it that long!!! 10 page paper on Tai Chi... here I come. (How that relates to me being a better physical therapist... you've got me!) I just have to jump through all their silly hoops.... 48 down, it seems like 380 to go!

Monday, April 13, 2009


It has been far too long since we've blogged...

please forgive us. That is, if anyone still reads this. However, it is my (Jessica) 24th birthday today! So far, so good! (Breakfast in bed is always amazing!) So just a quick blog on my lunch break, after consuming a Don Pepe's shrimp burrito, to let you know we are all still here. And lots of good things have been happening, and are currently happening. We'll update you soon, my little friend the blog!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Belated 50th Birthday Mom!!!!

Ok, so please don't think that I'm a terrible daughter. My mom, Dawn Denise Armstrong, turned 50 February 27th, 2009. I am posting this blog about a month late.... and for that I must apologize. Dave posted blogs on both his parent's actual birthdays.... I am slacking for my madre. Please know that this does not in any way reflect a lack of love for my mom. Extenuating circumstances, involving ridiculous school responsibilities, and planning her birthday extravaganza kept me busy. In all honesty, I was so busy that day and the days before that it didn't even cross my mind to blog. Please, please forgive me.

My mom is awesome. And don't you ever forget that. I will compile a random sampling of why she is just so awesome below:
-she was a great sport at her party... and wore the old lady boa with medicine attached to it, a flashing pin, tiara, and used the walker i had tricked out with bows, ribbons, glitter, etc! (gotta find a picture of that... because it was awesome!)
-she was a HOTTIE on her big 50 day... sporting black skinny jeans, a flowy white tunic, layered gold jewelry, and some sweet flats. uhm... can i be that cute please?
-she gives the world's greatest hugs
-she will try anything once
-she has become an awesome cook... and makes family dinners every sunday night with inventive new recipes... that are 99% really good! (beet brownies have been an exception)
-she will drop anything to help anyone
-she is selfless
-she devotes 110% of herself to anything she does (including her new CAbi business adventure)
-she helps those in need... for awhile she was buying grocery boxes from a local church twice monthly to support a family she knew who simply needed a hand
-she is super stylish! ;) (i wish we wore the same size shoes...)
-she always made the best peanut butter and syrup waffles for me when i was sick
-she just always makes you feel better when you're feeling sick
-i can text her that i am in need of "mommy time" and she will always make me feel better
-she is so fun to shop with/run errands with
-she gives stellar advice
-she walks with the Lord
-she truly has a heart of gold
-she has "Full House" moments in everyday conversations (dave and i have coined this term, meaning she brings a note of sentiment, albeit overtly sweet most times but altogether wonderful, and makes learning lessons of everyday events)
-she is constantly adopting "family"... extra sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, etc. did you all know my uncle ray and aunt dee are full blooded Hispanic and look nothing like any of us?
-she sews, quilts, bakes, scrapbooks, oh and don't worry she can change a car's oil and replace the brake pads... what can the woman not do?
-she used to tickle my back every night when i couldn't sleep
-she is a great example of how to eat healthy and exercise
-she's always a good shoulder to cry on
-she supports me and my husband no matter what
-she brought casa corona snacks to our hotel room on my bachelorette party. amazing.
-she can't wait to be a "go go grandma"... and she will be really good at it. but she knows it's not time yet.
-she loves my brother, dad, husband, and myself unconditionally and never lets us forget it!
-she is a shining example of how a wife and mother should be

ps- example #2 of how wonderful of a daughter i am... i had 0 pictures of just my mom and i in my iphoto. however, the most recent picture in my iphoto is also from new years eve 2009. i'm just a little behind. i just never take my pictures. that is all dave's job.... plus this is a skill i picked up from my mom. she is not the best at remembering to take pictures as well. so again, i'm sorry.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Daft Punk fan video = Creative

I just wanted to share this crazy video because I think it is very creative and that it must have taken such a long time to make. Think of all the planning that must have gone into it. I wish I could come up with someting crazy like this. Enjoy...and make sure you watch at least half the video, because it starts out a little slow, but it does pick up.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monster and Rhett

These two crazy/ridiculously good looking kids are getting married in May. SO SOON!!! And of course, all engaged couples must start their blog together. So I just wanted to introduce you to my friends over at something good aka Rhett and Monica soon to be Billen. Monica is one of my funniest friends. We met one day freshman year of high school.... and she's been cracking us all up since.

So go check out their blog. And give them some love.

Because we sure love them!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Well, I'm assuming my dad saw this coming since his birthday is just a week after my moms. However, I still thought it might be a fun little surprise for him. A lot that was said about my mom rings true for my dad as well. We really appreciate him and love him a lot. He has always been there to support us with our crazy ideas or extra curricular activities. He may have even supported us a little bit more with our crazy ideas, simply because he was the one that would show us weird stuff. While Mom was supportive and protective of us, Dad was supportive and well, more like Bill Nye the science guy. My dad wasn't afraid to be a little kid and he still is to this day, which I think is awesome. He'll make goofy faces or tell "Hale jokes" which everyone else knows as groaners. But you know what? I wouldn't change that at all.

He's the type of dad that would bring us over anytime he was fixing something on the house, yard, or car. He wouldn't make us do the work, but he wanted us to be able to see how to do it, just in case. I remember my dad showing me how to graphite a key hole, thinking to myself, "When will I ever need to do this?" Sure enough, when I moved in with Jess, the keys wouldn't slide in and out of the door easily. Well they do now. Jessica always wonders how I know how to do random things in the house and I say, "I don't dad must have taught me." Thanks dad! Like mom, I want to thank you for being such a positive role model as a father. It's a nice feeling knowing that you're always going to be around, that you love mom and would never hurt her, that you would protect your family at all costs, and that you're MY dad.

I love that you taught us what true camping is (No premade campsite people...just pick a spot that looks good and set up. Also, no toilets or showers; you're in mother natures house now), that we went hiking on a seven day hike to Mount Whitney, that we went boogie boarding, that you always make sure that we were prepared for anything (Got your first-aid kit, luggage tag, snow clothes, EXTRA BATTERIES, that we watched the Three Stooges, Little Rascals, and other classic black and whites, that you have a first-aid kit larger than most carry-on luggage, and many more. Thanks for being you Dad and for being the other tool that shaped us into who we are today. Oh, also dad loves olives and anything else weird/interesting to eat like rice candy, honeycomb, or ginger candy.

And though he may not like to admit, I know my Dad is the type of guy that is really in touch with his feelings and empathetic to others. He always wanted to show others, especially his parents, that he loved them. So with that in mind, I just wanted to say that I love you Dad and I think you're great! "Looking Good Dad, Feeling Good Dad" Happy Birthday! OLD GUYS RULE!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank You Uncle Sam!

So we just got our tax refund.... which came directly deposited into our account! I love it... that is great! Is this a new thing this year? Or am I just really far behind the times? But for any reason, we got it. And i love it.

Most people aren't happy with our government/economic situation these days. Myself included. However, getting married and the poor stock market sure does wonders for tax returns! I will take it!!